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Fryer Cart better than a concession trailer

2011 Concession Trailer

Type: Concession Trailer
Make: EconoTrailer
Price: $5,497
Size: Width 6' x Length 6'
Condition: used
Contact: Richard
Location: Monongahela, PA 15063
Telephone: 724 518 1642


That’s right you can make more in 2 days work on a weekend then some people make all week.

Dear Achiever,

I know what you are asking? Yes this is legal and it does not require special skills. I am talking about owning and operating your own Custom Designed FryerCart. Before we get to the FRYERCART let me tell you a little about its beginnings. I have worked a full time job as a machinist and manufacturing engineer for over 10 years. I would operate a small business on the side for many years. I made chocolates in the basement for years and then sold that business. I had other income from doing different contracting jobs or shoveling coal or putting signs up for real-estate companies.

Most people find this amusing but it is true. I wanted to open a business where I would be paid cash and wouldn't have to deal with them for more than 30 seconds. This doesn't leave many opportunities. I didn't know how or what to market on the internet and I think I actually wanted to talk to people but not have to go through some long sales process.

After doing some searching, I bought my first trailer, it was an enclosed trailer about 16' long. I thought I knew the pluses and minuses of hot dog cart versus trailer. But I was wrong. The problems with an enclosed trailer from the beginning were many

The why your first trailer should be a FRYERCART

The advantages of the FryerCart are

X - Can make as much product as the big trailers

X- Small footprint Big OUTPUT X - It is amazingly affordable

X - Requires no electricity

X - No special skills for driving

X - No special vehicle to tow it

X - Easy to prepare food

X - Cooler when cooking

The price is only $5497

With this offer You will also receive these special bonuses

X New 10 x 10 Canopy with sidewalls

X Fry Cutter X Funnel Cake Ring

X Funnel Cake Pitcher

X (1) Box of Funnel Cake Mix enough for about 80-100 Funnel Cakes

X 6 Pounds of Powder Sugar

X Strainer

X Ketchup and Ketchup Pump

X Salt X (2) New 6' Tables

X (1) New 4' Table

X (2) New Coolers

X (2) Korny Kegs for grease

X NSF Spoon

X NSF Tongs

X 500 Boats for serving fries

X 140 Paper Plates X 250 Napkins

X (1) Can of Nacho Cheese

Reap The Benefits Today for only $5497