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The concession business is rapidly becoming a large part of the food service industry. There are many opportunities in concessions; all you have to do is look Elephant Ear Concession Trailerfor them. You can find out how to get started from many different sources, but this website is unique. It not only offers information on starting a concession business, but it also has concession businesses for sale; some are a package, some are already established with a route. But it isn’t just concession trailers for sale. All kinds of businesses can be listed, from a pushcart, to an old fashion root beer concession business for sale and pizza trailers. Concession stand businesses qualify too.

The food concession business is defined by Wikipedia as being operated under contract or license but this is not always the case.  It is a opportunity that can be very profitable for the independant operator. The articles below are written to help you through the basic procedures of getting started in this type of business. There are answers to questions you may have regarding this industry. It can help you if you are looking to possibly purchase a concession business, but it can also be very useful if you have an existing concession business as well. Hopefully these articles will prove valuable to you as you get further into the concession business.

The Concession Business

The Beginning of Food Concessions - Part 1
The Beginning of Food Concessions - Part 2
Components of a Successful Concession Business
Types of Food Possibilities
Location, Location, Location
Hot Dog Carts
Concession Stand Ideas


Running Your Operation

The Importance of Advertising in Concessions - Part 1
The Importance of Advertising in Concessions - Part 2
Preparation and Organization - Part 1
Preparation and Organization - Part 2
Experience: The Tool of Success in Food Service
Concession Insurance
Loans and Financing

It’s All about the Customers

The Importance of Knowing Your Customers
The Importance of Good Customer Service

People Management

Employees: Way to Hire
Dealing with the Inspector - Part 1
Dealing with the Inspector - Part 2