Concession Stand & Tent Ideas

In the concession business, there are many different choices of venue for the sale of food concessions. Concession stand ideas can include everything from the traditional concession stands to concession trailers, concession carts, and concession tents. Depending on the location you will be selling from, type of food you will be selling and other very important factors, the decision of what type of concession business to choose is very difficult. There are both advantages and drawbacks to each type of concession business, but knowing these advantages and drawbacks can help you choose the right style of business for you.

One of the most common types of concession business is the traditional-type concession stand. These types of stands are typically set up in semi-permanent to permanent way. A typical place you might find a concession stand is a fair, perhaps on the side of the road, or in aConcession Tent parking lot. Types of food that could be sold out of a concession stand is just about anything that can be sold from a restaurant, provided you have the correct permits and licenses. Advantages include that concession stands can be built in many different styles with different themes and they do not have wheels or hitches, which can be unsightly. Disadvantages include that it is stationary and much more difficult to move if moving is necessary.

Another type of concession business is a concession trailer. These types of concession businesses are very common as well. They can be set up in a temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent way. The possible locations for these types of concession businesses are endless. They can be set up on street corners, at fairs, in parking lots, at flea markets, and many other venues. Both aspects of being set up in temporary or permanent places and the fact that they can be set up anywhere are great advantages. This type of concession business along with concession stands have another advantage of having lots of storage space compared to some of the smaller venues. Some disadvantages include all the unsightly equipment that must be endured to have a concession trailer.

One more type of concession equipment is a concession cart. Concession carts are even more mobile than trailers. These can sit up on sidewalks, street corners, fit easily in parking lots, in front of stores and anywhere you can place a concession stand. The advantages to owning a concession cart are that aside from being very mobile and easy to maneuver and transport, they are Corn Dog - Lemonade - Concession Standalso a much less expensive investment when it comes to entering the food concession business. A couple of disadvantages include much less room for storage and much less room for different types of concession equipment.

Concession tents are also another way to sell food in the concession business.
They are similar to concession stands in where they can be located, what types of food can be sold from them and their advantages. They are a little easier to tear down and relocate, but they are basically very similar.

Knowing a little more about the types of concession equipment you can make money from in the concession industry. There are many types of equipment that you can get started in the concession business and knowing both the limits and capabilities of each of them can help you in your decision which one to purchase. Buying a concession tent when you need a concession truck is obviously not a good idea. Concession stand ideas can span many products and you have much to choose from to start a concession business.