Something that most owners of a food concession business will encounter is the process of hiring employees. This, to some, may seem like nothing but a daunting task. Truthfully, hiring employees is a very important process. While it can be done in a way that makes a positive effect on your business, if not approached correctly, it can have quite the opposite effect as well. There are three important things to remember when hiring employees. First and foremost is responsibility and work ethic. Second is customer service skill. Third is learning potential.

One of the first things an employer needs to think about when interviewing and hiring potential employees is the responsibility and work ethic of the person they are interviewing. One of the worst cases you can have on your hands as an employer is an employee that is lazy and lacks responsibility. In that case, you have someone that you are paying NOT to do their jobs. As a business-owner, part of the reason for hiring employees in the first place is so that you can leave the day-to-day operations of your business in the hands of someone responsible. Employees definitely need to be people that you can entrust your business to.

Customer service skill is yet another important component to a person that is going to be a good potential employee. Someone who is abrasive or argumentative is not a good way to befriend your customers, or to make them want to come back. Watch for the way that your employee reacts and interacts with customers. At some point, try to watch what is going on in an interaction without being seen. Anyone can be nice when the boss is watching. It takes a really good employee to keep that niceness when the boss is otherwise occupied. Customers are the reason your business will thrive. You must convey this to your employees and let them know how very important it is to have a great customer relationship. There are going to be customers from time to time that you won’t be able to please. These customers are not ones you want to work extra hard to keep. But being good with customers is an absolutely necessary attribute of a potential employee.

One final thing to look for in a potential employee is learning potential. Watch the person as he or she learns the ins and outs of operating your business. Judge the quickness and adeptness with which the person picks up procedures. You want to have someone who can think for themselves. Part of being able to let your employees help you run your business is knowing that if a situation came up when you are not present, your employees would be able to handle it properly without having to consult you every single time. They also need to have judgment about when to call you if something is important. Good judgment is also a great asset to an employee.

There are many attributes that are important to look for when searching for trustworthy employees. Decide with attributes are the most important to you, then DO NOT COMPROMISE. Know that you have chosen the right person for the job by setting strict criteria, and then stick to it. Also, as your employees work for you over time, make judgments about how they are handling the responsibilities associated with their job. If he or she is doing something wrong, tell him or her. If they refuse to comply, take the necessary action that is required to make your business survive. At the same time, recognize employees that go above and beyond. You will be rewarded for rewarding good employees. Above all, hire someone to work for you that you would want to have serving you if you were a customer. Go with your gut instinct where your business is concerned.