The mobile food concession business is unique in many ways. For example, just the fact that this type of business is not stationary makes it very unique. However, there are several ways that the concession business must be operated like any other business. For example, one of the most obvious ways the food concession business is like any other business is in the need for advertising. As in any business where the owner is looking for success, the food concession business requires a lot in the way of advertising. In many ways, mobile food service requires even more advertising than other businesses because it is harder to promote than a stationary business.

Now that it has been established that advertising is definitely needed in order to run any successful business, including a mobile food business, the question you may be asking is what types of advertising are there. There are two major types of advertising that will be discussed in this ARTICLE. The first type of advertising is advertising that is designed to get the customer in to your establishment for the first time. The second type of advertising is designed to get the customer to come back to your restaurant.

You know that to make the customer return to your business, you must have quality products and offer a good price for those products. However, as good as your product may be, if potential customers do not know about your food, they will never be able to get hooked on it. Making your business known, getting your name out there are both very important parts of advertising. A great example of advertising that will let your customers know you are there is flyers. Assuming that you are setting up in a permanent location with consistent hours of operation, flyers are great to get your future customers into your business. There are two ways you can design your flyers. One way is to design it in an informative way. This type of flyer would give the name of your business, nature of your business, location, and hours of operation. A phone number that customers can use to call their orders in would definitely come in handy as well. This might encourage the busy person to drop by since they would not have to wait.

The other way that you can design your flyers is to add an incentive for them to come. You can try using the informative flyer, and then using the incentive flyer. An example of an incentive flyer would be to include a coupon, special item, or special price on an item offered only to the holder of the flyer. In other words, you may wish to put a “buy one get one free” incentive on your flyer. Or you might wish to offer a sandwich at half price. If you serve French fries, maybe you want to offer a free side of French fries, as they are very popular, and most importantly, are low cost for you, the business owner. Advertising a promotion day such as a “free hot dog day” may also be lucrative.