Hotels for Pets: Is it Safe to Leave Your Animals There?

After a controversy that occurred on social networks, when a dog returned dehydrated and injured after staying at a dog hotel, the debate was opened. According to veterinarians, as important as the reputation of the enclosure is to analyze the personality of the pet, because not all of them are capable of dealing well with changes and novelty.

If you have been recommended top Pet Accommodations in San Diego, California to leave your pet but news like the above makes you doubt, the best thing to do is to try this service before the family goes on vacation. Kind of like a rehearsal.

Use it only for a night or two and evaluate its performance for a future longer stay. Only then will you be able to see how your pet reacts, how the service and attention they received was, and how she is going to feel with the experience.

If the result is positive, then you have to do something that not most people are used to planning. If there is no good planning, it is very likely that the places and people with the best reputation will have their vacancies filled and you will have to improvise in spaces from which you cannot get enough information or close recommendations.

Hotel Or Sitter: Where Will A Pet Feel More Comfortable?

The personality of the pet, even more than the breed, is the determining factor in choosing the type of space in which it will feel most comfortable. If he is introverted or sociable, if he finds it difficult to interact with others or let himself be loved, if he is hyperactive and needs a lot of exercise or if he is calm and sleepy; those characteristics will make one place better than another for the pet.

In the case of cats, they will obviously feel more comfortable at home. They are more territorial and attached to their personal spaces. So, it is important to resort to the network of contacts as the first option for cats. Have a family member or friend stay at home or go see them daily to clean the sand, renew the water, give them food and keep them a little company.

Regarding dogs, you should his personality first. If he is extremely friendly, sociable, or likes to interact with others, both people and other dogs, then he’s more likely to feel more comfortable in a hotel. In this way, he will be accompanied and will have more possibilities of receiving stimuli throughout the day.

When looking for top-rated Pet Hotels in California, it would be great if it had a patio in the sun or for games, where they release the dogs in a controlled manner so that they can interact with each other without problems. That keeps the emotional state of hotel passengers up.