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Food Trucks – Your Starting Page for the Food Truck Business

Food trucks are a form of mobile food service. This is a business where the money is made by selling different types of edible items out of a vehicle of some sort. There are two basic ways to make a living like this. These items are either prepared off-site and sold out of a catering-style vehicle, or prepared on one equipped with a full kitchen. Either way, this popular style of vending is taking hold in city locations everywhere. It is a convenient way to grab grub on the go. Mobile food services with a food truck business is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to get started in the restaurant industry.

Catering trucks are those that have products prepared at another location then sell them from the mobile vehicle. The vendors who run these businesses sometimes prepare the products themselves, but sometimes they receive goods from suppliers and simply sell them. Many times, the business is set up in one place to sell for a specific period, but other times they have a pre-designated route to follow where they stop and sell for a few minutes, then move on to the next location.

Vending Trucks – Ready to Serve Products

  1. Ice Cream Truck – In this case, the vehicle owner stocks the most popular ice cream items in freezers on board, and has a route to travel to make sales. In this case, the business owner purchases the frozen goods they sell in quantity from a supplier. Profit is made by increasing the prices for individual servings.Mobile Kitchen Concession Food Truck
  2. Catering Truck (generic) – Another example of this business is catering. Some companies only provide services for special events. In most cases, dishes are prepared in batches at a commissary of some kind and then transported in the company truck to the event. Some examples of catered foods may include hot dogs, hamburgers, pasta, rice, macaroni and cheese, beans, and veggies.
  3. Lunch Truck – Most are set up on a construction site or near an office complex. Some sell pre-wrapped sandwiches, chips, candies, and beverages. They set up specifically for breakfast and lunch, usually where there is not a lot of access to restaurants in the area. It can be very profitable, given the right circumstances.
  4. Grocery Truck – This is a fairly new concept that is becoming more popular. These trucks move through neighborhoods on a route with reasonably priced fresh fruits, veggies, and other miscellaneous products like ice cream. They generally serve neighborhoods that do not have sufficient grocery stores or are comprised of people that need extra help with money.

Mobile Kitchens – Fully Equipped Restaurants on Wheels

The other way that a food truck type of business can operate is by having a fully equipped mobile kitchen onboard the vehicle. This equipment might include a flat griddle, a deep fryer, and a grill. Most of the time when this is the case, products are prepared to order. This keeps things fresh and hot.

Loncheras - Taco Truck

  1. Taco Truck – These are called launchers in Spanish, and they are very popular in cities where there are large Hispanic populations. Launchers owners sell Mexican-style fare that can be held in the hand such as tacos and burritos.
  2. BBQ Truck – This barbecue truck business often comes with additional cooking equipment such as a smoker. The barbecued fare includes chicken, ribs, and other favorites. Usually, these set up along the roadside or at events like fairs, festivals, or carnivals.
  3. Mobile Kitchen Lunch Truck – These are like their catering counterparts except instead of selling products that have already been prepared, they sell items that are cooked on-site and to order. They set up in the same places; they simply sell freshly prepared and cooked products.
  4. Pizza Truck – This is a concession truck that primarily sells freshly cooked pizzas to their customers. There are conveyor pizza ovens that can cook a pizza to perfection in a matter of a few minutes. With the use of the pizza oven, these trucks often supplement their menus with other food products such as hot Subs, garlic bread, and baked kinds of pasta.
  5. Gourmet Food Truck – This term encompasses vehicles that sell a wide variety of gourmet items. Some sell French-themed gourmet products such as frog legs, escargot, etc. Others may include fine seafood such as lobster and crab. Still, others sell different styles of crepes. These are usually run by chefs with personal recipes and venture outside the normal offerings of other vendors.

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However your food truck business is implemented, this is an exceptional and potentially very profitable way to make a living. It has many of the same aspects of any restaurant, however food trucks have the unique aspect of mobility. If you love food and are a people person this may be the right business for you.